Wednesday, October 1, 2014

JavaScript Frameworks

Some Javascript frameworks I've been using lately:

Backbone.js: A front end framework for single page applications in an MVC framework.

d3.js: A Javascript framework specifically for graphic data representation. Utilizes SVG, but is much more rich and complex as far as data integration than raphaël.js.

Some good d3 tutorials:

raphaël.js: a light weight library for creating simple vector graphics. Better for backwards browser compatibility than d3.js. The axes are not easily configurable and one of the complaints many have about it is how poorly it is documented.

Here are some blog posts I found about it:

three.js: A Javascript framework for 3d graphics.

tween.js: A javascript tool to do tweening in animations. 

node.js: A javascript framework to create an environment for multi-core applications.

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