Friday, August 17, 2012

"You Were the Hardest Working Coder in My Class..."

"...while everyone else did virtually nothing on the project you were all supposed to contribute to". That's what an instructor during college said to me more than once. I wish I could carry her around to interviews with me.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Twisting Tweets for fun!

Playing around with APIs to translate random tweets to pig latin and other languages @railsschool tonight Totally fun! #piglatin #sfruby

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Coding Philosophising...

It always feels great to a newb to find a bug and  fix it without using any references! As I have been emphasizing with other developers that are more junior than I am: "Read the errors--they will tell you what you need to do. They are not failure. We must :::be the code!:::"

Dont Like the Way Rails Pluralizes?

If you don't like the way rails handles the word 'foot' or 'tooth'? You can change it in your app. David Celis on the Rails Inflector.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

More on Blocks, Procs, and Lambdas -- Finding the Square Root of Numbers in an Array

1.9.3p194 :091?>class Array
1.9.3p194 :092?>   def iterate!
1.9.3p194 :093?>     self.each_with_index do |n,i|
1.9.3p194 :094 >         self[i] = yield(n)
1.9.3p194 :095?>       end
1.9.3p194 :096?>     end
1.9.3p194 :097?>   end
 => nil

1.9.3p194 :128 > array = [1,4,9,16]
 => [1, 4, 9, 16]
1.9.3p194 :129 > array.iterate! do |n|
1.9.3p194 :130 >     Math.sqrt(n)
1.9.3p194 :131?>   end
 => [1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0]

Yes, I opened the class and altered it.

There is a Difference Between Learning and Regurgitating Information

Which are you doing? Give it some thought, it's important to understand it.

Alan Skorkin on Blocks Procs and Lambdas.

Alan Skorkin Discusses Blocks, Procs and Lambdas.

WAIT Blocks are not Objects? How can that be??

Working with Enumerables Today.

An Exercise from chapter 10 of David Black's The Well Grounded Rubyist:

1.9.3p194 :001 > class Rainbow
1.9.3p194 :002?>   include Enumerable
1.9.3p194 :003?>   def each
1.9.3p194 :004?>     yield "red"
1.9.3p194 :005?>     yield "orange"
1.9.3p194 :006?>     yield "yellow"
1.9.3p194 :007?>     yield "green"
1.9.3p194 :008?>     yield "green"
1.9.3p194 :009?>     yield "blue"
1.9.3p194 :010?>     yield "indigo"
1.9.3p194 :011?>     yield "violet"
1.9.3p194 :012?>     end
1.9.3p194 :013?>   end
 => nil


1.9.3p194 :025 > r =
 => #<Rainbow:0x007f8bea15d0d8> 
1.9.3p194 :026 > r.each do |color|
1.9.3p194 :027 >     puts "Next color: #{color}" 
1.9.3p194 :028?>   end
Next color: red
Next color: orange
Next color: yellow
Next color: green
Next color: green
Next color: blue
Next color: indigo
Next color: violet
 => nil 

This is just the beginning, but a key part of what I need to know to be an effective developer.

and more...

1.9.3p194 :029 > r =
 => #<Rainbow:0x007f8bea148fe8>
1.9.3p194 :032 > y_color = r.find {|color| color.start_with?('y') }
 => "yellow"
1.9.3p194 :033 > puts "The first color staring with 'y' is #{y_color}."
The first color staring with 'y' is yellow.
 => nil

Woot! On to more....

Friday, August 3, 2012

Hartl Tutorial: Finished Ch 6!

Modeling Users Woo!

Hartl Tutorial, Chapter 6...again!

I've pretty much been blowing through the chapters at a pace of about 1 per day including the exercises. The problem with that? When I realize everything is broken, so I go back further and further until I get to near the beginning, then discover the problem is a missing 'e' in the word 'presence'! Gah! Such is the life of a developing developer...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Working with Bootstrap CSS Framework Today

So far, so good! Let's see how editable it is! I will now be able to spot a basic Bootstrap-styled app whenever I see one.