Friday, February 28, 2014

Some notes on Erlang

I'm following this tutorial. Does anyone know of any that are better?

First note: There are no strings in Erlang. WHAT?? That's right. There are no strings. They can be processed, but since Erlang started as a language used in telecom, it is not the best language to process strings.

Joe Armstrong, the inventor of Erlang, gives a presentation here. It is looking like Erlang is used to build a program for concurrency and speed by parallelizing and utilizing more of the cores as hardware gets faster and faster.

I love this analogy: Joe Armstrong shares this analogy about programming languages. C is car that is easy to drive, but it breaks down occasionally. Java is like a family station wagon -- it's a little heavy. Erlang is like a fleet of little cars that work together to take you where you want to go.

How can you not love a powerful data retrieval tool like this? I'm liking the pattern matching.

 91> Weather = [{toronto, rain}, {montreal, storms}, {london, fog}, {paris, sun}, {boston, fog}, {vancouver, snow}]. 
92> FoggyPLace = [X || {X, fog} <- Weather]. 


Check out my first program here!

Some Tools

More later.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I'm Getting Started with Angular Templates and Routes.

It looks like Angular is the latest of the javascript technologies to use on the rails stack to create single page applications. Here is some really, really simple code in my github repo.